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deep see entertainment is an artist management team dedicated to empowering any artist to achieve they're fullest potential. as well as being able to better your quality of life with little but consise advice, we promise to get you in touch with fresh and inspiring co-artists. we also promise to draw up a forward plan suited to the individualistic needs of the artist, using contacts from our extensive list of musicians. deep see entertainment was founded by Turtle Blacks AKA Merlin The Wizard in the early months of 2009 and as a result of the work halt in WV, Ruffdiamon Productions, Yss recordings, and many more. from radio, through mixtapes and T-shirts, stage shows, dance raves, music videos to house and garden parties. we cater for the media industry. having completely mesmerised the underground scene Merlin and many of hes afiliations have laid down the path for the predesesors now moving on to the bigger picture. expect such names as Matry, Big Rowdz, Merlin and many more to hit the shelfs or storage houses real soon. you are able to purchase material online through us or from our street team. any queries please feel free to contact us on the information provided.

More Info

Deep See Entertainment is an entertainment group that was established to provide a platform for independent artists to spread on a local, national and international level. Deep See Ent provides the facilities, knowledge and vibes to create an excellent end product. from Pre production, through production to post production and publishing we cater for all artists many needs. with a tailor made progression plan designed personally you will move closer to where you want to be. Deep See Ent uses many recording studios across London and with an extensive list of artists and producers we deliver every time. try out a small party to get a taste of our product and we are happy to go from there.

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Party Pack 700
  • 7200 watts set of speakers and amp
  • 3hours free DJ + 1 artist appearance
  • transport
  • runner
  • 100
  • CD or Vinyl decks and mixer
  • extra DJ hire per hour
  • artist appearance

  • party coverage video package

  • 17 Track mixtape pack 1500
  • 500 17 beat (30 per beat)
  • 700 recording estimate (20 per hour)
  • 200 printing package
  • 50 DJ mix down (per hour)
  • 50 art work
  • 150 admin fee
  • 200 web design (from 200)
  • 50 logo design (from 50)
  • Music Video Pack from 1000
    350 per day